Exceed Helps Boarding Schools, Academies and Residential Programs Keep Their Beds Filled — Through Cost-Effective, Industry-Leading Marketing, Leads Generation and Referrals

Exceed works only with residential (inpatient) programs, academies and boarding schools. Working under a flat fee, there are no hidden or add-on costs. The Exceed Marketing team does whatever it takes to keep the beds of its residential program clients filled to capacity.

With a network of dozens of residential programs, Exceed’s experts are “In the know” about what is and what isn’t working to generate qualified leads for its clients, and their network leverages leads, organic search engine positions and online pay per click advertising. Moreover, they facilitate the process of referring clients’ unused or inappropriate leads to each other, thereby making each client’s marketing efforts and advertising more effective.

Our Services Include:

    • Professional Marketing Counsel from Leading Experts
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that Produces Top Rankings for Hundreds of Keywords
    • Web Development and Management (national and local, responsive sites for all device types)
    • Professional Online Advertising and Pay Per Click Management
    • Website Security and Plugin Management/Updating
    • Social Media Site Set-up and Content Management
    • Online Reviews Strategy and Implementation, Troubleshooting
    • Content Writing, Photo Editing and On-Site Photography
    • Targeted Keyword Page/Landing Page Development
    • Lead Conversion and Sales Process Consulting and Management
    • Reputation Management and Troubleshooting
    • Host, Domain and Email Management (we also cover hosting and domain fees)
    • Site Backup, Troubleshooting, Speed Metrics, W3C Compliance
    • boarding schoolVideo Management and Mass Directory Submission
    • Listings on Yelp, Google+, and Dozens of Other Directory and Review Sites included in our flat fee
    • GPS Targeting and Local Directory Set-up
    • Contextual Inter- and Intra-Site Linking for Rapid Top Search Rankings
    • Thousands of “Localized Pages” on Your Site (Never a “Thin Content” Issue)
    • We Protect Your Brand and Your Image
    • Workshops and Webinars to Help You Improve Your Marketing
    • Priority Advertising on Top Industry Websites

The top objective of Exceed isn’t to create fancy websites, though we do. It isn’t to push lots of traffic to our clients’ websites, though we do. It isn’t to make clients better known, though we do. Our goal is simply to fill up the beds of the residential programs we serve, and keep them filled! That is accomplished through developing multiple channels of incoming leads, as well as to help our clients become more effective in converting those leads into enrollments. We develop and manage each client’s marketing and advertising efforts, helping them also benefit from our firm’s ongoing testing of new tactics in an online world where things change daily.

HAVE NO FEAR…There are no long-term contracts and no strings attached. Exceed clients may cancel services at any time without penalty, and the transition of all content and websites that have been created is immediate. All creative work, site hosting accounts and logins revert back to the client’s control. Exceed doesn’t nickel and dime its clients. Everything we do is included in our flat fee agreement.

To Generate New Leads, Exceed Has Developed World-Class Boarding School Directory Sites

To help build up our clients, we’ve acquired top websites and are creating others. Recent acquisitions and sites under development include:

MilitarySchoolUSA.com – ​#1 most visited military school directory in the world.
BoardingSchools.us – ​#3 most visited boarding school directory in the America.
best therapeutic boarding schools
• BestTherapeuticBoardingSchools.com
• TeenHelpFinder.com
• BoardingSchoolsOfAmerica.com
• TherapeuticBoardingSchools.org
• TeenChallengeSchools.com
• ChristianBoardingSchoolReviews.com
• TroubledTeenSchools.us

Exceed’s BEST CHOICE™ NETWORK Turns Otherwise Uninterested Leads Into Enrollments

Best Choice Network4c
Working with dozens of academies, private schools, boarding schools and therapeutic programs across the nation and internationally, we know that most programs and schools only enroll one out of fifty to one hundred inquiries they receive. Yet those inquiries may have cost the school hundreds of dollars to acquire. Through Best Choice Network, those leads that are not a good fit for the originating school or program are contacted again and then referred through our expert placement specialists to other client programs. Each of our placement specialists is a former admissions manager of a school, program or academy. For the leads that are placed elsewhere, the originating program gains a $500 reward. This helps them recover their marketing costs, so they can continue marketing and advertising to gain more and more qualified leads. For those that are referred, we work with the parent right up to the point of enrollment in another program, making it easy (a “no-brainer”) for the receiving school.

Emergency Placement of Expulsions – Best Choice Network also helps schools when they have to expel a student/cadet. This is one of the most volatile times for your academy, since parents who have gone through great expense and many hoops to enroll their child can become quite irate when their child is expelled. Such parents can diligently write bad reviews, or worse, if they are not handled properly. The most appropriate thing to do with such a parent is to quickly find another academy for their child, and handle all of the details to get the child moved over to that academy. That’s what we do through our Emergency Placement Team. We work nonstop to handle the entire “re-placement” process and smooth things over for the expelling institution.

Best-Choice-Network-Final-01best choice network

What Our Clients Say...

"The name EXCEED is perfect for this organization. David and his staff always EXCEED my expectations when it comes to our marketing needs. They helped us design a new website and continue to manage it with excellence. Their guidance was invaluable. We are thrilled with the results and feedback we receive from the website. The SEO (search engine optimization) efforts they do on our behalf get outstanding results. Our ranking maintains in the top spots in many critical areas. David stays on the cutting edge when it comes to the science of SEO and what it takes to get his clients ranked in the top key words. David and his staff are incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to on line and Google marketing. In 30+ years in organizational leadership, I have found EXCEED to be the best use of marketing funds that I have ever approved. Bottom line…they get results. They truly have a heart for and understanding of what we are trying to accomplish on behalf of the struggling kids and families we serve. They provide an incredible service to the parents that need our type of help and can readily find us and others because of the work of EXCEED. We feel that God directed us to David and EXCEED and are thankful He did so. We hope to be benefitting from their services for many years to come."
-"Dr. Tim" Coldiron, Founder & Executive Director Promise Village: Home for Children

"We started using Exceed Marketing during a downturn in admissions. We saw an immediate impact and since we began using them we have not had a month go by that our beds were not full. The best investment we have ever made in the area of marketing. I highly recommend their services."
-Shawn Blankenship -- Director, Brush Creek Academy & New Lifehouse Academy

"My board and I have been amazed at the results. Since 2012, when we first started working with Exceed, we have doubled our annual income, allowing us to significantly increase the number of students we take in. We have also doubled the size of our staff, given much needed raises to our employees, upgraded much of our facilities, and even recently embarked on a major building project. I can honestly say that we are doing the best job we have ever done in helping troubled boys and their families. Partnering with Exceed has been a key factor in our success."
–Darren Reynolds, Executive Director, Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

“I wanted to share how grateful our ownership team at Stonegate Center is for all of your work. I can honestly say that we would not still have our doors open if it were not your staff. You have helped us refine our website into a tool that families all over the United States can truly inform and educate themselves on regarding the nature of our program. When we came to you, our presence on Google was pathetic and now our inquiries have shot through the roof. We look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.”
–Robert Shyroc, Director of Development, Stonegate Rehab Center, Ft. Worth, Texas

"Exceed has helped us develop a comprehensive marketing platform that allows us to transcend across regional boundaries to reach families that are hurting and needing help for a child that is out of control. David has been working with us for about four years on every step of the way. It has been a wonderful pleasure to work with Exceed and the guidance that they bring to the table in our niche."
–Charles Steward, Gateway Military Academy

"The websites look amazing and we so appreciate the great work your team is doing to assist the parents in finding us. You are a gift to Teen Challenge. Thanks so much for the ministry you have in the kingdom of God in the technology driven world. You guys are truly a blessing to organizations like Teen Challenge. ”
– Jerry Nance PhD, President, Global Teen Challenge

“Your work and our resulting calls are astounding. Thank you!”
David Bosley, Master’s Ranch Christian Academy

"Our target goal for enrollment was 120 boys. After Exceed started helping us, we actually hit 120 for the first time. So, admin found a way to squeeze in 4 more beds and we also filled those. Now I am able to refer more parents to other schools, and due to the increase in parents contacting us we are able to be more selective in the students we accept. We were also able to increase our tuition rate! Our entire program has improved so much thanks to Exceed."
-Scott Smith, Admissions Director, Agape Boarding School